Why Learning online is vital for your Success

Let’s face facts. Most people cannot afford tertiary education, let alone post degree courses or post grad degrees. This leaves a large portion of our population that does not learn or spend time learning. And with the stats of how few of millennials read books daily, this leaves a generation open to falling behind.

The excuses fly that they don’t find enough enjoyment, or that social media has corrupted their brains. Some may say that the internet has built attention deficits for many or got them addicted to instant gratification.

And while we may hear many excuses, what I am not hearing are solutions. Are there even solutions?2436c084b702ef2eb8cb859201f89dd4.jpeg

What is the solution?

The solution would be platforms that allow users to study online at an affordable rate with good accreditation. Equally important is that these platforms should engage the learners in a way that excites them about learning. The platform should use more than just videos that learners simply just view and respond to reactively. Learning should be provided at multiple levels, from interactive videos and study guides, online classrooms providing real time learning sessions, all the while providing engaging and immersive content. Institutes that provide students with a choice in HOW they learn (and not only WHAT they learn) will keep their students intrigued and focused.

Does the solution exist in South Africa?

There are a few companies that have tried. And with companies such as Udemy and numerous other online learning platforms dominating the space, it is hard for local platforms. But two platforms that fit these criteria would be GetSmarter on your upper level courses and Re|Mind Virtual Academy on your more skills focused courses.

Are they cost effective?

Yes. With less overheads and room fees, these online learning establishments can have very low fees compared to University. GetSmarter has courses starting from as low as R5000 and Re|Mind Virtual Academy has courses for R150 ($10). This makes learning online available to most people with access to the internet.

What about the accreditation?

It is pointless to spend your time doing courses that will not help further your career. And luckily for their students specific courses on GetSmarter and Re|Mind Virtual Academy hold accreditations from different bodies depending on their subjects. So check in the course information to find out if and who it is accredited by.


With a world that seems like it is no longer learning, there are new and innovative platforms coming up that allow you to learn more in a truly unique and immersive way. Giving you new skills and new additions to your CV, and that is vital to your professional and career development and success. 

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