Why We Exist

Our core focus is putting YOU, the learner, at the centre of the learning adventure!
EVERYTHING we do is to ensure that your learning adventure is everything you want, and more. Learning should not define your lifestyle, but should be defined by your lifestyle. Learning no longer needs to be confined to a physical location, or a specific time, or a specific way of learning.

R|M|V|A understands this. that's why we're focussed on enabling you to customise your way of learning to suit your way of living.

What Does Re|Mind Mean?

Re (ri:rex/) - preposition - with reference to

Mind (Mahynd) - noun - the element of a person that enables them to be AWARE of the world and their experiences (to THINK)

Re|Mind - verb:
Using the mind to totally engage

We Live Our Slogan!

Re-Think How You Learn!
At R|M|V|A, we don't believe that we have to keep learning in the same way that we have since the Industrial Revolution - factory-style conveyor belt learning. Or even since technology defined how we learn - cookie-cutter, video focussed, remote learning, lacking the human element. 

At R|M|V|A, our focus is on the learning adventure that we can give you, our learner. Our message to you is:
"Don't be defined by the norm. Don't be restricted by what you believe is how you should be learning in this day and age. Think about what YOU want. About how YOU want to learn."

Vision, Mission and Values

Why We Exist

We exist to provide all learners with an environment of learning that enables to learn in their natural learning style in order to reach their maximum potential.

Our Vision

To be acknowledged as the pioneers of interactive and immersive digital learning, and to become the market leader in this environment in South Africa.

Our Promise

Our commitment is to provide quality and value-based digital education to ensure that all the stakeholders’ learning needs are met, and exceeded.

Our Values

 We will always be:
  1. Learner focussed
  2. Accessible
  3. Committed
  4. Energetic
  5. Trustworthy

Meet Your Founders

Penelopy Van Der Byl

Co-Founder & CEO
I have more than 20 years professional experience in the ETQA sector, enabling me to grow my personal skills in a number of key areas within this sector. My professional expertise and insight that I have gained over the years, ensures that my work ethic and credibility within the sector is of exceptionally high quality.
I have extensive experience in managing regulatory and compliance systems and I have worked for a number of SETA's and private providers in the Education and Training field.
I currently hold a qualification in Occupationally Directed Education Practices (ODETDP)

Dean Van Der Byl

Co-Founder & Strategist
My passion is Education, Innovation and Business Strategy. This has been motivated by extensive experience in a variety of business environments, ranging from Micro Finance; Credit Service Providers; Mobile Financial Services, Retail; Information Technology; Financial; Telecommunications; Government; and Banking.
In addition, I have more than 15 years of teaching and lecturing experience, from secondary education through to Masters level, in a variety of environments.
Academically, I have a Business Diploma from Damelin, and an MBA from UCT's Graduate School of Business. The focus of my MBA was in the fields of Strategy; Technology in Education; and Marketing.
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