The arrival of the fourth wave of Covid-19 via the latest Omicron variant has put online learning higher on the agenda. It looks like this pandemic will be here for a while.
While many training providers introduced online learning solutions through the pandemic, many of these solutions were knee-jerk reactions to “cope” with the crisis. These unplanned approaches to remote learning have caused additional stress and Learners suffered emotionally due to the lack of social interactions online learning solutions are not a true reflection of what online programmes should look like.


Let’s face it, the last two years or so have taken their toll, and one of the biggest challenges that learners and educators will face in the upcoming school year will be mental health. The key to dealing with this major side effect of the pandemic, from an educational perspective, is to provide an environment that is truly conducive to interactive and integrative digital learning.

In comes Re|Mind Virtual Academy (R|M|V|A) .

Re|Mind Virtual Academy (R|M|V|A) offers a fresh new approach to learning that incorporates engaging learning experiences that go beyond traditional e-Learning platforms. Our platform offers legitimate interactivity and engagement, with the emphasis on instructional design techniques and accommodating different learning styles. Here at R|M|V|A we have created an online social learning management system. Going further away from the obsolete model of old-fashioned courses, where an instructor might throw videos and PDFs at a student waiting to see what sticks. No wonder nothing does, and no knowledge is being absorbed by the learner. This is not how learning works; this is certainly not how we learn and grow our skill set in our everyday lives.

EVERYTHING we do is to ensure that your learning adventure is everything you want, and more. Learning should not define your lifestyle but should be defined by your lifestyle. Learning no longer needs to be confined to a physical location, or a specific time, or a specific way of learning. YOU learn when you want, where you want, and what you want.


Our interactive eBooks also function to engage multiple learning styles, such as verbal and kinetic learning. Learners can highlight key or interesting areas of the text or make annotations directly on the content online i.e. highlight and make note digitally, while learning online. These features are rare to find in your standard learning management systems, even with the biggest names in digital learning.

This is just one of the features that set R|M|V|A apart from any of our competitors.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you’re in a traditional or online learning environment, kinetic learners are often ignored, as it is difficult to incorporate this style into lessons while staying close to the learning objectives.
These interactive e-books offer multiple ways of adding notes and highlights. Help users to improve their scanning and reading strategies.

Social Networks

Most platforms do a poor job of supporting interpersonal – or social – learning. R|M|V|A, on the other hand, provides built-in social learning tools that offer a wide degree of functionality. Our students will be able to prompt meaningful discussions with questions, or exchange tips to help reinforce learning in a fun and social atmosphere.

We actually provide a networking hub where each learner has a personalized profile displaying their activity, achievements, and the courses they’re taking. Not only is this an excellent tool for even shy learners to motivate themselves, but you become the centre of a professional network in which learners can forge meaningful connections.


Engage in a vibrant virtual environment where you can:
  • Set up your user Profile
  • Track Daily News at school
  • Engage your Community directly
  • Access your Resource Centre
  • Communicate via the internal Inbox
  • Engage in social media via the People option


In our virtual classrooms, students attend classes on the Internet. These classrooms involve more than an online curriculum and submitting assignments until a specific due date. They offer real interactions with teachers and students at the other end.

Virtual schools are a reality and are gaining popularity the world over also as a means of alternative education. Because of its ubiquitous nature, virtual education transcends the boundaries of traditional educational management. This means that there are multiple, non-traditional ways of delivering the learning content to the learners.


Simply put, our WHY is to open-up the exciting world of interactive and engaging online learning by providing affordable, quality education to all.
The reason for our existence is based on our passion and commitment to the educational future of this country, and how we can help bring this country into the future of education.

With R|M|V|A, you can engage in interactive and immersive learning learn from anywhere, anytime and on any channel.

Check us out www.rmva.co.za 
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