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The potential in eLearning industry is huge. By 2022, the size of this industry shall amount to a whopping $243 billion. And importantly, it’s expected to grow at over 5% CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) year—on—the year from 2017 to 2022. The numbers are convincing. It all now boils down to choosing the best eLearning platform to host your courses.

A Learning Management System gives you the power to completely do away with instructor travel costs, online training site rentals, and printed eLearning materials. Your online learners can carry out all of their training online, which means that you can save a sizable sum on your Learning and Development costs.

Re|Mind Virtual Academy’s eLearning platform has an extensive feature-set and supports a variety of integrations.

Why use our platform

Premium quality education comes from an environment that nurtures interaction. Where instructors are nurturing a community and students learn through multi-layered networking and interactivity.

Re|Mind Virtual Academy offers engaging learning experiences that go beyond traditional e-Learning platforms.

Our platform offers interactivity and engagement emphasis placed on instructional design techniques and accommodating different learning styles.

Interactive eBooks 

Our interactive eBooks also function to engage multiple learning styles, such as verbal and kinetic! learners can highlight key or interesting areas of the text or make annotations directly on the reading, these features are rare to find in your standard learning management systems.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you’re in a traditional or online learning environment, kinetic learners are often ignored, as it is difficult to incorporate this style into lessons while staying close to the learning objectives.
These interactive e-books offer multiple ways of adding notes and highlights. Help users to improve their scanning and reading strategies.

Virtual classrooms 

In our virtual classrooms, students attend classes on the Internet. These classrooms involve more than an online curriculum and submitting assignments until a specific due date. They offer real interactions with teachers and students at the other end.

Virtual schools are a reality and are gaining popularity the world over also as a means of alternative education. Because of its ubiquitous nature, virtual education transcends the boundaries of traditional educational management.

Flexible pathways with drip feed

Select whether your users navigate freely, sequentially or set your own restrictions. You can even schedule the delivery of your online course with drip feed capabilities.

Social networks

Most platforms do a poor job of supporting interpersonal – or social – learning. Re|Mind Virtual Academy, on the other hand, provides built-in social learning tools that offer a wide degree of functionality.

Our students will be able to prompt meaningful discussions with questions, or exchange tips to help reinforce learning in a fun and social atmosphere.

We actually provide a networking hub where each learner has a personalized profile displaying their activity, achievements, and the courses they’re taking.

Not only is this an excellent tool for even shy learners to motivate themselves, but you become the centre of a professional network in which learners can forge meaningful connections.


Games can make the entire learning experience much more pleasant. They make a classroom lively and help in instant personification. Re|Mind Virtual Academy make use of gamification to help students understand tough subjects. This boosts participation, encourages engagement and collaboration, and makes way for better context-based learning.

How it can change 

With virtual lessons slowly replacing traditional lectures, education is more relevant and convenient than ever.
  • Students can organize their time and learn in a suitable time slot of their choice. They can also undertake subjects and courses that are outside their course curriculum for enhanced knowledge.
  • Teachers will have access to digital materials supplement the existing classroom learning topics and help teachers introduce new learning methods on the go.
  • Students are already using computers, tablets, and smartphones at home and they want the same tools to interact with their instructors and other students.
  • It facilitates cost reduction for schools, allows students to have unlimited access to the learning material, supports online submission of electronic documents, etc. In short, technology in education makes learning all the smarter and more convenient.
  • Technology drives better engagement from students and keeps them focused
  • Not only does Re|Mind Virtual Academy lead the way with changing the face of eLearning, but we also understand that we need to manage the learning ecosystem by:

Measuring training performance

Learning analytics is an essential part of an LMS. It is about making sense of your e-learning data and being able to act on them. This can be the difference between a failed or a successful online training program.
You will have access real-time analytics on content consumption and performance. Easily set up and dispatch customizable automated reports on learners’ activities
With learning analytics, we can
  • Review user progress (certificates, exam results, completion rates etc)
  • Recognize problems, pitfalls or bottlenecks in the training and provide actionable information.
  • Ability to report and view progress separately on groups or teams Reporting on Groups and Teams or Different student cohorts.
  • Create reports for customers or management/principals
  • Specify at risk users which are students that did have any activity for the last 30days and have not completed more than 51% of their last course. Those are inactive users with low completion that you can reached out to and re-activated.

The Assessment Range

  • Quiz: It's a test intended for learning purposes where there is no scoring, but you can provide plenty of feedback for each answer (a self-assessment tool).
  • Exam: You can set a passing score and your learners will be notified about their performance after submitting the whole questionnaire where only closed-type questions can be used.
  • Assignment: These are open-ended questions that must be scored manually by the instructor.
  • File Assignment: This is a learning activity, similar to Assignments, through which instructors can request learners to submit one or more files.

How it can change 

At Re|Mind Virtual Academy, we offer an affordable, immersive, and interactive alternative to how most learning takes place, especially at government schools. We offer a digital learning environment where the learner doesn’t have to sacrifice their way of learning or be afraid of just being a digital entity in a vast ocean of digital learners.
At R|M|V|A, we offer you all the facilities and functionality mentioned in the previous paragraphs, and more. To summarise, R|M|V|A offers:
  • Interactive eBooks
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Flexible pathways with drip feed
  • Social networks
  • Gamification
  • learning analytics
  • Assessment

    And so much more
    More importantly, we place the learner at the centre of the learning process. In addition, we provide the learning institution/schools the flexibility to provide learning in alignment with their own unique, customised requirements. In line with this, we also offer:

  • Development and Hosting of customised established curriculum content
  • Design, development, and hosting of customised tutoring content
  • A centralised admin environment for the school, including all facilitators and teachers.

    Simply put, we can make the leaner’s journey come alive with immersive and interactive learning content.

Get a kickstart

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Simply put, our WHY is to open-up the exciting world of interactive and engaging online learning by providing affordable, quality education to all.
As stated before, the reason for our existence is based on our passion and commitment to the educational future of this country, and how we can help bring this country into the future of education.

With R|M|V|A, you can engage in interactive and immersive learning learn from anywhere, anytime and on any channel.

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