Why Re | Mind Virtual Academy is making a difference in the virtual learning world

Many learners have struggled to make the jump from being at physical learning environment (face-to-face) to learning virtually.

The physical distance between learners and teachers/facilitators due to the online learning environment has made it difficult for them to be able to connect.

Although technology evolution now allows many things, we haven’t believed possible, the shift to e-learning doesn’t go as smoothly as we want it to.  Facing the pitfalls of digital learning may be discouraging and frustrating for both the facilitator/teachers and learners.

Studies have shown that the following is considered as Disadvantages in the eLearning world.

1. Online student feedback is limited
2. E-Learning can cause social Isolation
3. E-Learning requires strong self-motivation and time management skills
4. Lack of communicational skill development in online students
5. Cheating prevention during online assessments is complicated
6. Online instructors tend to focus on theory rather than practice
7. E-Learning lacks face-to-face communication

At R|M|V|A, we believe that we have focussed on changing the eLearning status quo by changing the way eLearning is done as well as the lack of the human element. Re|Mind Virtual Academy does things differently starting with our name.

What Does Re|Mind Mean?

Re (ri:rex/) - preposition:
with reference to
Mind (Mahynd) - noun:
the element of a person that enables them to be AWARE of the world and their experiences (to THINK)
Re|Mind - verb:
Using the mind to totally engage
We will do this with 

Interactive eBooks 

Our interactive eBooks also function to engage multiple learning styles, such as verbal and kinetic! learners can highlight key or interesting areas of the text or make annotations directly on the reading, these features are rare to find in your standard learning management systems.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you’re in a traditional or online learning environment, kinetic learners are often ignored, as it is difficult to incorporate this style into lessons while staying close to the learning objectives.
These interactive e-books offer multiple ways of adding notes and highlights. Help users to improve their scanning and reading strategies.

VIRTUAL classrooms

In our virtual classrooms, students attend classes on the Internet. These classrooms involve more than an online curriculum and submitting assignments until a specific due date. They offer real interactions with teachers and students at the other end.

Virtual schools are a reality and are gaining popularity the world over also as a means of alternative education. Because of its ubiquitous nature, virtual education transcends the boundaries of traditional educational management.

Social networks

Most platforms do a poor job of supporting interpersonal – or social – learning. Re|Mind Virtual Academy, on the other hand, provides built-in social learning tools that offer a wide degree of functionality. Our students will be able to prompt meaningful discussions with questions, or exchange tips to help reinforce learning in a fun and social atmosphere.

We actually provide a networking hub where each learner has a personalized profile displaying their activity, achievements, and the courses they’re taking. Not only is this an excellent tool for even shy learners to motivate themselves, but you become the centre of a professional network in which learners can forge meaningful connections.

Measuring training performance

We are in control of the learning ecosystem: access real-time analytics on content consumption and performance. Easily set up and dispatch customizable automated reports on learners’ activities.

Learning analytics is an essential part of an LMS. It is about making sense of your e-learning data and being able to act on them. This can be the difference between a failed or a successful online training program.

Knowing your students is an essential part of teaching and learning. Knowing how your students are doing is important. With our gradebook and reporting centre, we can track learners’ progress on any course and their performance in tests and assignments.

With learning analytics we can
  • Review user progress (certificates, exam results, completion rates etc)
  • Recognize problems, pitfalls or bottlenecks in the training and provide actionable information.
  • Ability to report and view progress separately on groups or teams Reporting on Groups and Teams or Different student cohorts.
  • Create reports for customers or management/CEO.
  • Specify at risk users which are students that did have any activity for the last 30days and have not completed more than 51% of their last course.  These are inactive users with low completion that you can reached out to and re-activated.

Get a kickstart

Why not contact us at info@rmva.co.za to see how we can provide you with your personalised training and skills enhancement packages.


Simply put, our WHY is to open-up the exciting world of interactive and engaging online learning by providing affordable, quality education to all.
As stated before, the reason for our existence is based on our passion and commitment to the educational future of this country, and how we can help bring this country into the future of education.

With R|M|V|A, you can engage in interactive and immersive learning learn from anywhere, anytime and on any channel.

Check us out www.rmva.co.za 
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