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The R|M|V|A Way

Why change your LIFESTYLE to fit in with what other learning institutes offer?
R|M|V|A allows you to blend your INDIVIDUAL Learning Style with your Lifestyle. With R|M|V|A, you can:
  • engage in interactive and immersive learning
  • learn from anywhere, anytime and on any channel
  • be an active participant in a close-knit online learning community

  • participate in virtual classrooms
  • work at your own pace, wherever, whenever
  • apply your natural learning style to maximise your results

Whether you're an individual learner or a company wanting to embark on a learning adventure with a difference, R|M|V|A will provide you with exactly what you're looking for.

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Our Learning Partners

R|M|V|A is partnering with other learning institutions that share the same principle and priority that we do:
  • The LEARNER is the centre of the learning experience.
  • Everything is focused on providing each and every learner a learning adventure as unique as what their personalities and lifestyles are.
And equally importantly, learning is a vibrant and engaging experience, regardless of the media used.
We embrace these principals at R|M|V|A in everything that we do, and choose our training partners based on these shared priorities.

Virtual Academy for Women in Africa

New Partners 

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Get Closer To Your Goals

At R|M|V|A, our main focus is to make you, the learner, the centre of our engagement. Studying with us will help you learn how to create, capture and deliver value in a digital world. You'll leave with smart strategies to optimize your performance and satisfaction both online AND offline.

However, sometimes despite our best intentions in displaying all the necessary information, we might skip something. Or you might not find what you're looking for right away. Before you despair and leave our site, why don't you contact us to see if we have what you're looking for. We promise we'll get back to you. Who knows, it might just turn out better than you thought.

How we do things differently!

At R|M|V|A, we're focused on the learner's journey, and how we can actively and truly engage with you, the learner, to provide you with the best learning experience that you have ever encountered.

Virtual Classrooms

In REAL TIME, at YOUR convenience

classrooms allow all participants to ACTIVELY engage with each other via:
  • Real time classroom discussion
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Interactive Chat
  • Screen Sharing & Engagement
  • Breakaway Rooms for Group Engagement
  • Class Recordings for later use

Multiple Learning Channels

Multiple channels of learning, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME

You can access your learning via MULTIPLE CHANNELS (including mobile & tablet), and in MULTIPLE FORMATS, such as:
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet and Mobile phone
  • Engaging & Interactive Video Lessons
  • Interactive Study Guides (e-Books)
  • Social Media & Community Learning
  • In-house email and chat platforms

Engaging Learning Community