MS Word 2013 Introduction

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  • Level: Beginners
  • Study time: 6hours
  • Video time: 1.5 hours
  • Exams: Yes
  • Certification: Yes


Course overview

Microsoft Word 2013 is a word-processing program that is used to create professional-looking documents such as reports, resumes, letters, memos, and newsletters, to name but a few.

MS Word is packed with powerful tools that can easily used to create and edit document, and collaborate with others to make your documents look great. This course will enable you to produce far more striking and effective documentation in the various areas of your personal and professional world. Documents that you create will be easier to read and look more presentable and more professional.

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone that needs to acquire the skills that will enable them to produce professional-level quality documents.
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Additional Benefits

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Personalised learning Portal

Ongoing Assessments

Course Structure

Your Personal Learning Space!

Your personalised learning portal includes:
  • In-house Social Media profile page - follow and be followed & create a professional profile
  • In-house email to engage directly with your peers
  • Ongoing tech and facilitator support via the in-house platforms
  • Progress reports on request

Making sure that you keep on track.

Throughout the programme, you will have opportunities to test your knowledge and evaluate your understanding via multiple choice quizzes that will enable you to track and improve your progress. These include:
  • Tests
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Exams

What you get when completing our courses.

  • 12 Interactive Study Guides (e-Books) that provide the written content of the course.
  • 12 Videos that reinforce the learning provided in the E-Books.
  • 10 Quizzes
  • 1 Certification
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